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Ashby Website BuildersBusiness’s constantly add new content to their web sites. One More image here, one more menu selection there, but who wants to trawl through this sort of site… Ashby Website Builders, Buy My Site,  will always view your web site as your customer, not as you. So we will give your customers an easy to navigate site, that will lead them to the right conclusion.

So Many business’s  end up with confusing, cluttered websites, that turn off frustrated visitors instead of drawing them in. Your reputation starts here, we will gaurd it for you, and provide your customers with sites that are intuitive to use, and bring you the best results from the traffic that can be driven to your page.

Ashby Website Builders – We Wont Give You A Library

Far too many websites are built to have  the information and content, that is stored in files and categories, and cross referenced by tag, so it it would take the head librarian of The Natural History Museum to find out how much your services cost. Web users today want to be in, on, answered, order and gone. Whilst the library approach was right for storing huge volumes of text in books on shelves… it is just inappropriate for todays society. Website visitors will not spend more time and effort trying to figure out how to find  what they want. Let’s face it—patience isn’t much of a virtue online. Web users want, what they want, when they want it.  If users can’t get their questions answered quickly, they leave.

Ashby Website Builders – We May Not Be Google, But We Can Learn From Them

I do not know if you can remember what the web was like before Google, search pages like Yahoo’s or Ask Jeeves came right out of the metropolitan library…. reams ( of digital) categories, that users had to sift through, yes the information was there, somewhere, but you had to work for it…

Then came

Ashby Website BuildersNo one better understands how to serve up online information than Google.Simplicity is at the heart of the design… search engine = box to put question, and the name … nothing else. This homepage design has stayed pretty the same for the last 14 years. Now the algorithms that power Google’s search function are forever being tuned and tried, the  experience is intuitive, highly personalized and user driven—no two searches are alike. Search results are a combination of the user’s logged search history and Google’s own  daily crawl of 20 billion websites in search of data . Thanks to Google’s huge amount of data, only 15% of searches are new.

Ashby Website Builders – Learn From Google

  • Google stays at the number 1 position because it keeps the user at the center of the experience, it does not force the agenda.  They meet the huge demands and manage to keep their  audience informed and engaged. Here are four guiding principles to help guide your website content organization strategy:
  •  “What Will Users Do” This has to be the core question  when adding new material.  you may  think it’s important, but will your customers?  Where do they go after reading it? Is there a good call to action
  • Know Your Customers….what they coming to your site for? Are you making it easy to find it?
  • Answer Questions… If Your customer is coming to find a 24 hour repair service… make it very obvious wether you fulfil that need … if You Do not, say so Clearly … the frustration caused to you and to your customer at 2 am when they phone you to ask is no good to either of you.
  • Test and Refine. Feed back requests will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your site, and also start conversations going with your visitors, this will enable you to build ongoing relationships with your customers

Ashby website Builders, Buy My Site, will build clean simple sites that fulfil your customers needs, and therefor meet  your needs, with visitors that are happy, and who buy. Check our services here