The Buy My Site Packages

What will your site look like?


Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 09.43.03

Bright and colourful, Clear and concise.

We can add up to two images per page ( more if they are not large file sizes), and add what ever copy is relevant to your business needs.

On The Bronze Sites, you are getting a  home screen type site. An extended business card for your customers to check you out, and for you to show what your business can do for them.

Suggested Pages

  • Home  Your home page is where your customers first arrive, and where you get the chance to say what you want the world to hear. We see some very busy pages and some simple Concise pages, Believe us SImple and concise works… the busier you make your page the harder it is for people to get your message
  • Contact  We always suggest a contact page and we will provide you with a domaine specific email address, that will take your business to a professional footing, away from the free hotmail type of account.
  • We would then suggest you add some form of testimonial page, that describes work you have carried out for previous clients. If You are a service orientated business it may be an opportunity to list or describe the extent of the services you offer. Or You can include a price summary or table …

The Domaine Name

  • Will be included in the price.
  • We will always try to secure you a .com, and it will be based around your name or your company name.
  • We will procure this domaine in your name and the ownership and responsibility to maintain that will be yours.
  •  You will need to set up a recurring payment with the company we / you have purchased your domaine through.


  • We Only recommend Hostgator.
  • You will be responsible for the hosting of your site.
  • We can establish your account for you or walk you through the process…
  • If You have an existing contract for hosting we will need access to that administration account to build your new site for you.
  • As with your domaine You are responsible for the ongoing cost of maintaining your hosting account.
  • This is why we only recommend Hostgator as we find their support and service to be simply the best available.

Mobile Ready

  • All our sites are responsive
  • whatever device a customer views your page on
  • it will be readable 


Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 16.11.08

Silver has everything you get in Bronze but with the following additions

Branded Header

  • An image that describes your business
  • This communicates what service or business you operate
  • clean and simple, remember a picture speaks a thousand words
  • get that message across

Silver Pages

  • page count goes to 4
  • include more information to prompt a buying decision.
  • Page content is your choice
  • We just build it for you…
  • More is less if presented with screeds of information 98% of customers will click off and leave


  • additional email address’s included
  • may be personalised to a partner… ie
  • or a department   ie
  • redirected to an account of your choice to streamline your working day


Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 16.12.24


The Gold Package contains every thing previously listed with the addition of

Gold Pages

Another page increase

  • Content is becoming more defined
  • Sales / contract specific
  • The Site is becoming more sales orientated
  • moving away from a business card to a shop window, with potential for ongoing promotional offers.

Social Media Suiting

Again another move to sale generation.

  • Facebook business page
  • Built to be congruent with your main site
  • potential for on going social ineteraction


  • can be new, or an integration of existing artwork
  • Congruent to your site header
  • Developing your brand across the on and off line market space

Animated Video

This is an example and we can organise videos that

  • show your work,
  • include your email
  • mobile
  • contact url
  • in fact what ever you want
  • Video sells, Do Not miss out
  • Normally set to play once then pause
  • can install on a loop,( Annoying )
  • or a customer started… (some never do)

Choice of videos available

  • animated
  • slide show
  • talking head
  • instructional


The Platinum Service

The Platinum Package Contains all of the above and then we take  on

  • a full management package including site optimisation for SEO
  • We guarantee you a page rank for search terms of your choice ( or by advice)
  • social media management packages
  • data collection and management
  • full site management including regular content updates
  • Platinum is a made to measure service that is built around your needs.
  • Please contact us with your requirements, or just to discuss what you have in mind
  • email, with your contact details and one of our team team will be in contact.


  • We will complete the site in 14 days from when you finalise  your order.
  • The order will be finalised when we are in possession of the relevant content, artwork and passwords ( where applicable)
  • On hand over The site will be functional, and working, where social media is involved that will be ready at the time of handover, and any platinum contracts the site will launch and the seo work will then continue as per your agreement


We try NOT to offer extras. This is why we have such strict package boundaries. So you know exactly how much your bill will be. If There are specific things like data collection options, we can build these facilities in for you. However each extra will be priced per individual requirement, and there will be additional monthly costs which is not congruent to the one stop site ethos.